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Events and Workshops

Women Atthe Campfire

See photos and read about our past events and find out about our upcoming workshops.

Rally for Recovery
Sept 21, 2019 – Pitts Park

The Rally for Recovery is an annual event organized by people in long term recovery from a substance use disorder, their families, and friends. It is primarily a community building effort; we seek to strengthen the bonds between people in recovery, their families and friends, and our community.

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Friendship Circle

We celebrated the creation of our Friendship Circle, a lovely firepit with comfortable locally donated stumps for sitting, playing guitar and roasting marshmallows, where the residents can sing together and enjoy the evenings here in the North Georgia mountains!

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GARR Summit
October 8-9, 2019

GARR (Georgia Association of Recovery Residences) hosted an evening of fun, networking, red carpet, fine foods, comedy and meaningful talks. The GARR summit opened with an evening GALA on Monday October 7th. On Tuesday October 8th they organized panels, small groups, team building and lots of interesting and engaing talks. We discussed the rising tide of cannibus, the increased prevelance of mental health, how to stay relevant with Google, and many other topical subjects.

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Homestead Awards Ceremony
October 12, 2019

In celebration of our 10th year as a recovery residence, Homestead celebrated those who helped us move forward over the years and gave out awards. Sandy was recognized with this really cool award and we enjoyed a sumptuous banquet together!

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