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How’s Now?

How's Now
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Read real-life testimonials from women who have completed the Homestead program. If you have been a resident of Homestead and wish to share your success, please email it to us at info@HomesteadRecovery.org, and with your permission, we will add it here to share with others!

“I used to think a druggie was someone who lived on the edge of society…. that was until I became one.”

– Linda M.

“I hid my addiction for years, until one day I got pulled over. I hit rock bottom, and disappointed my family, who had no idea I needed help. What I thought was the worst day in my life turned out to be a new beginning. Now I’m back and clean and sober, and have a new lease on life!”

– Margaret K.

“My drinking nearly cost me everything that mattered to me: my husband, my kids, my job… then it almost cost me my life. I woke up in a hospital with glass in my scalp. The next stop was county lock up, that’s where I learned about Homestead’s long term recovery program.  I couldn’t imagine leaving my kids and husband for an extended period of time, but I also knew that I was no good to them the way I was…

Homestead helped me get my life under control and back in perspective. At Homestead I learned how to live life on life’s terms.  Today I know that my recovery has to come first.  I am back with my family, taking things one day at a time, working with a sponsor and going to meetings.”

Forever Grateful,

– Helen B.